Residential Design

Success comes from acknowledging the way each client lives, what they expect and what is important. Not only will you be guided through the design process, but Bob will help you arrive at a realistic construction estimate by guiding you through the ramification of alternate design approaches. His constantly growing portfolio consists of a diversity of architectural styles including:

New construction Property Planning
Additions Renovations

Through intent listening and working closely during the bidding process, Bob will bring your dreams to life in a place you call home.


Commercial Design

More time is spent at the workplace than at home. It’s important to produce architectural designs that correlate to the needs of both public occupants and staff. Priding on creating successful partnerships, Bob understands the goals and requirements of every proposed project. He will design well thought out concepts and express them in clear, detailed drawings that will provide multiple solutions for any concerns you may have. Along with renovations and additions, his extensive variety of building types include:

Offices Churches
Restaurants Retail Buildings

Let us take your project conception to completion at Gorski Architects.