We lived in one of Bob’s designs for the past five years. He did such a wonderful job that we would not change a thing. He’s great to work with, very easy going, and professional at all times. We’ve become good friends since.

His construction drawings are accurate, concise and fair and provide our customers with a clear understanding of the construction process.

Bob was always on time and comfortable to work with in redesigning my home. He presents his design concepts in a clear and concise manner. His computer models give a client a true picture of the expected results and revisions never presented a problem.

Bob is a delight to work with, always on time and quick with the necessary answers often needed to keep a project on schedule and on budget.

His professionalism and expertise is well respected at the school and his abilities to assist us in all of our operations are always welcome.

We can’t thank Bob enough for his help soon after the big storm. He not only helped us, but a bunch of our neighbors. His quick response let all of us to remain in our home while he worked with the town officials.